Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

Advantages of “Going Green” with LED Retrofits:

Reasons to Upgrade

  • Less Maintenance – Lighting maintenance is costly and time consuming, especially in large facilities. Since our lights last 6 times longer than conventional lights, our plans require fewer repairs allowing you to focus your time and money on priorities.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – LED lights use less energy than traditional lighting systems reducing Co2 emissions and air pollutants. They also last longer – cutting the amount of waste in landfills. The Organic Consumers Association reported that fluorescent lamps disposed of in U.S. landfills create enough mercury waste to pollute almost every body of water in North America. Switching to LEDs will eliminate your post-consumer waste and lower harmful mercury deposits.
  • Better Sales – If you are considering an LED retrofit for your B2C business, such as a car dealership or retail store, LED lighting can give you a boost in sales. According to the National Lighting Bureau, improved lighting can enhance displays and give customers the extra push they need to purchase.
  • Improved Safety and Productivity – Well-lit workstations can reduce the likelihood of errors and safety issues. For example, workers who have better lighting experience a lower risk of dropping and mishandling an object or tool. Also studies by the American Psychological Association conclude that dimly lit office spaces affect employee productivity and well-being.