Project Examples and Satisfied Clients

Click through the photos and read about recent projects below
to see how energy efficient lighting can illuminate your bottom line.  


  • Citi Trends in Roland, Oklahoma (Distribution Center)
    After AES renovated Citi Trends, the business cut energy costs by $91,000/year. Co2 emissions also were reduced by 854 tons. That is the environmental
    equivalent to planting thousands of trees.


  • CTDI in Bessemer, Alabama (Service Provider)
    In 2015, AES designed a specialized lighting installation for CTDI’s Alabama office and service center. Light levels were raised while costs were significantly
    reduced saving the company $70,170 annually.  


  • Harbin Ford Lincoln in Scottsboro, Alabama (Automotive Dealership)
    Advanced Energy Solutions was proud to retrofit Harbin’s Scottsboro, Alabama dealership. The new technology saves Harbin $48,441 and reduces energy
    consumption from 659,334kWh down to 197,979kWh every year.


  •  Propex in Hazelhurt, Georgia (Manufacturing Facility)
    In 2014, Propex Global considered upgrading its manufacturing facility. After learning Advanced Energy Solutions could save the business more than
    in annual energy savings the way forward was clear. Via high-bay LED retrofits, our team lowered energy consumption by 70% and annual
    carbon emissions by 2,653 tons. That’s like taking 500 cars off the road.


  • Qualico Steel Company in Webb, Alabama (Manufacturing Facility)
    AES reduced Qualico’s lighting electricity usage by 74% in its 300,000 square foot steel fabrication facility using Orion Energy Systems T5 lights and
    Orion’s Smart Motion dynamic control devices, which also made regulating the lights easier.


  • Stowe Woodward in Griffin, Georgia (Industrial Facility)
    Stowe Woodward added $28,000 to its annual budget by upgrading its space with our customized lighting solution. They also saw increased employee
    productivity and safety.