Available Services

Advanced Energy Solutions provides facilities with environmentally sound lighting plans
that significantly decrease operating expenses while improving safety, appearance and functionality.

Advanced Energy Solutions has more than 20 years’ experience with:

  • Lighting Retrofits – Retrofit technology makes a building’s lighting more energy efficient. Over time, the energy savings can be significant and save you thousands.
  • Installation Management – Our team provides full-service solutions. about us
  • Efficiency Audits – Through our free on-site survey, we learn about your goals and usage, so we can recommend the best installation possible.
  • Wireless Controls – Wireless dimmers and adaptive-controls that enable customers to eliminate over-lighting and greatly enhance savings.
  • Daylight Harvesting – These systems use sunlight to offset the amount of electric lighting needed to properly light your space
  • Photometric Analysis – Using specialized 3D technology, AES technicians can evaluate your building’s layout, and obstacles, and current light levels.
  • Recycling Services – We ensure you maintain EPA regulation compliance. You’ll even receive certificates stating your ballast and lamps have been recycled properly.