Energy Savings

One of thcartoone most antiquated devices in your business is the light you’re using. That bulb is based on technology that’s more than 130 years old, and it’s wasting a lot of energy.

Commercial lighting is changing quickly, with new and improved technologies available everyday. Whether you’re constructing a new building or upgrading the lighting at your existing location, energy efficient lighting can save you thousands. 

Energy Savings
Lighting typically makes up 20 – 40% of your electric bill. Traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lights waste energy and money. These lights are commonly found in offices, gymnasiums, warehouses and similar buildings. Energy efficient lights provide superior lighting quality and save energy and money.

How Does Energy Efficient Lighting Reduces Costs?
It’s simple. According to The Department of Energy, LED lights consume 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.The decrease in electricity  consumption guarantees your facility lower utility bills and overhead expenses. Lower overhead ensures most projects cash flow positive from the very beginning.

With good design, lighting energy use in most buildings can be cut in half at least while maintaining or improving lighting quality. Such designs typically pay for themselves in energy savings alone within a couple years.

HVAC Energy Savings
Energy efficient lighting adds less heat to a space per unit of light output than older inefficient lighting. By reducing heat waste, LED lighting also reduces a building’s cooling needs and savings stem from reduced HVAC usage.