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Let It Shine – Save Yourself From Ugly Fluorescents

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Unlike conventional lighting, LEDs emit light in a specific direction.
So they shine brighter than traditional lighting,
because no light is wasted gleaming in other directions. 

Workplace Productivity –
 Studies by the American Psychological Association conclude that dimly lit office spaces affect employee productivity and well-being. Good
lighting in the workplace with well-lit task areas is essential for optimizing performance, especially with an aging workforce.

Improved Sales –
Directional lighting also allows you to show off high-end products. If you are considering an LED retrofit for your B2C business, such as a retail store, LED
lighting can give you a boost in sales. According to the National Lighting Bureau, improved lighting can enhance displays and give customers the extra push they need to purchase.

Happy Client Profile:


In 2015, when a Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) dealership owner decided to buy a
40,000-square-foot building, he focused on creating a visually appealing space capable of
highlighting his vehicles.

After retrofitting, BRP saw substantial energy savings and an increase
in sales, which the owner attributes in part to better light in the showroom.